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In the heart of a verdant valley, where the grass shimmered with the freshness of spring, lived two cows with personalities as striking as their markings. Hankaroo, the Holstein with bold black and white spots, was the thinker, always plotting their next grand adventure. Joester, the Brown Swiss with a solid brown coat, was the jester, with a joke ever ready at his tongue.

One stormy evening, with lightning dancing like electric veins across the sky and thunder grumbling like the belly of the universe, Hankaroo and Joester found themselves caught in nature’s grand display. They sought refuge under an old oak, its branches a mighty shield against the pelting rain.

As they huddled together, Joester, with a twinkle in his eye, whispered to Hankaroo, “Imagine if we had funny mugs and cups to catch this rain, each with a mug shot of our silly faces. We’d have a thunderous brew, the likes of which no cow has ever tasted!”

Hankaroo chuckled, the sound mixing with the rumbling thunder. “Funny mugs and cups, you say? Filled with storm-brewed tea? Now that’s a storm party!” Inspired by the tempest around them, they dreamt up the most whimsical of ideas. They imagined a line of “Funny Mugs” for the bold and daring and “Funny Cups” for the light-hearted sippers, each crafted from the laughter and joy they shared even in the midst of chaos.

They envisioned mugs with caricatures of Hankaroo’s thoughtful gaze and cups with Joester’s wide, playful grin. They would not be ordinary drinkware but vessels of cheer meant to brighten the dreariest of days.

The storm passed, but the idea it had birthed in the two bovine friends did not. With the help of their farmyard friends, they set about making their vision a reality. Hankaroo, with his knack for detail, sketched the designs, while Joester, with his knack for stories, spun tales about each cup and mug that would have anyone rolling with laughter.

Word of the “Funny Mugs” and “Funny Cups” spread far beyond the valley. Animals from all corners of the countryside came to see these creations. The mugs and cups didn’t just hold tea and coffee; they held stories, laughter, and the spirit of two cows who knew how to find light in a storm.

So it was that Hankaroo and Joester became more than just cows; they became creators of joy. And on stormy nights, when the sky would flash, and the earth would shake, you could find them, sipping from their funny mugs and cups, toasting to friendship, to adventure, and to the humour that can be found in the heart of the tempest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the standard ceramic mugs are. The mugs that reveal the image when hot are not dishwasher safe.

All the standard ceramic mugs are. The mugs that reveal the image when hot are not dishwasher safe.

We do our best to add it to the product description if they are not or are. 

We do not have a lot of control over that, we do focus on Australian printed products. Where the printers source the products we do not know. 

Some products might not be available in Australia and are printed overseas but we do our best to only use Australian resources. 

NO, we only get a small percentage of the purchase, about 10 – 15%. We aim to keep the price as low as possible to make the merchandise affordable for all. 

We try to keep the shipping cost as low as possible, but we are depending on the printers when it comes to shipping cost. We cannot influence that. 

We just hope that everybody will buy some merchandise, lots of small sales instead of one big one. 

Basically to ensure safety of your data. We delete your orders and information every six months. We do not store payment details, other than the order number. 

Using shops like Redbubble does work to some extend, but after trying it for a while it does not seem to work for us. So we created our own. We do use print on demand services and have no stock, this reduces our wastage footprint. 

Basically for “shits and giggles”, it helps us to pay for the running cost and other expenses. A misconception is that we make money with the Dayboro Lions Business Directory and/or the Events Calendar. This is NOT true, all those services are paid for by us (RDS.ink and HELP4BIS.com). 

Dayboro.au fully relies on donations and sponsorship. No income is generated by the directory or events calendar.

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