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Once upon a time, in a lush meadow sprinkled with daisies and clovers, there stood an old and wise tree that was known to all as the Tree Shelter. Its branches spread wide, and leaves rustled softly, whispering secrets of the ages. Beneath its protective canopy, two cows, Daisy and Buttercup, spent their days basking in the shade, away from the sun’s fervent gaze.

Daisy, the black and white cow with eyes as deep as the night sky, was known for her mischievous escapades, while Buttercup, with her brown and white coat, gleamed like the dawn and was loved for her sweet nature. They were the best of friends, sharing stories and dreams under the cool haven of the Tree Shelter.

One scorching day, when the sun seemed to linger a touch too close to the earth, Daisy had a brilliant idea. “Buttercup,” she mooed excitedly, “why don’t we make something that will bring laughter and joy to everyone in the meadow?” Buttercup, always up for an adventure, nodded enthusiastically.

With a twinkle in her eye, Daisy revealed her plan to create the most amusing “Funny Mug” the meadow had ever seen. “It’ll have the cheekiest, most whimsical design, with a print of me making the funniest face,” Daisy declared, picturing her own comical expression on a shiny ceramic surface.

The pair set off to gather what they needed. They found clays and minerals in the meadow, and with the help of the friendly field mice, who were skilled potters, they shaped and fired their mugs. Daisy’s face was painted on each mug with great care, ensuring every cow in the meadow would chuckle upon seeing it.

Soon, the Funny Mugs were a sensation! Cows from all over the meadow would come to the Tree Shelter to drink their cool water from the mugs and laugh at Daisy’s hilarious expressions. The Tree Shelter became more than just a place to escape the heat—it was a place of community and joy, all thanks to a simple mug that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

As the days passed, Buttercup saw how the Funny Mug brought everyone together and had an idea of her own. She suggested they host a gathering beneath the Tree Shelter, where every cow could bring their mug and share stories. The event was a hit, with tales that ranged from the time Daisy accidentally stumbled into a bucket and walked around with it on her hoof to the story of Buttercup’s legendary sprint across the meadow to save a lost lamb.

Their Tree Shelter, once just a silent witness to the passing seasons, had now become the heart of the meadow, pulsing with life, laughter, and the clinking of mugs. And as Daisy and Buttercup lay side by side, looking up through the branches at the stars twinkling like diamonds against the velvet sky, they knew they had created something special.

Every mug, every chuckle, every shared moment under the Tree Shelter was a testament to their friendship and creativity. And so, the Funny Mug became more than just a vessel for a drink—it became a symbol of the warmth and shelter of friendship, a reminder that joy could be found in the simplest of things and that under the right tree, with the right friend, every day could be an adventure.

As the story of the Funny Mug and the Tree Shelter spread far and wide, Daisy and Buttercup became legends for their humour and their spirit of community. And they all lived merrily, sipping from their Funny Mugs under the shade of the Tree Shelter, which had become the most beloved spot in the meadow.

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All the standard ceramic mugs are. The mugs that reveal the image when hot are not dishwasher safe.

All the standard ceramic mugs are. The mugs that reveal the image when hot are not dishwasher safe.

We do our best to add it to the product description if they are not or are. 

We do not have a lot of control over that, we do focus on Australian printed products. Where the printers source the products we do not know. 

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