Udderly Shocked Classic Ceramic Mug

Embrace tradition with our 11oz (approximately 325ml) ceramic mug, perfect for all your hot drink needs. Its classic white sheen is sure to complement any setting.

 – Ceramic 11oz mug – Dishwasher and microwave safe – Product safety tests conducted by independent third party laboratories.


Udderly Shocked: A Colourful Encounter with Hankaroo and Joester

In the quaint surrounds of Dayboro, Hankaroo and Joester found themselves amidst a scene that would make any heart skip a beat. The once stormy skies cleared, leaving a canvas for the sun to paint its hues of hope and joy.

As they shook off the remnants of the night’s fear, a spectrum of colors emerged around them, infusing the world with vibrancy. It was in this moment that they realised the beauty that follows the storm, a beauty that fills the soul like a steaming mug fills the senses.

Their ‘Udderly Shocked’ expressions softened to ones of wonder and contentment, a testament to the magic that can be found in life’s simple pleasures—like the surprise of colour inside a favourite mug.

Product Details:

  • Material: Premium ceramic crafted for durability and daily enjoyment
  • Capacity: 325ml – perfect for the invigorating morning coffee or a comforting evening cocoa
  • Design: A glossy white exterior with a splash of vibrant color inside, making every sip an uplifting experience
  • Features: Designed to be dishwasher and microwave safe, accommodating the hustle and warmth of your routine
  • Perfect for: Anyone looking to add a dash of cheer to their day or a delightful surprise for a loved one