Sagittarius Explorer 15oz Travel Mug – Your Stainless Companion for Adventure


Set off on an epic trek with the “Sagittarius Explorer 15oz Travel Mug” – your drink stays perfect while you chase the horizon. For the archer always on the move!


Hey Sagittarius, ready to aim high and shoot for the stars? Our “Sagittarius Explorer 15oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug” is the trusty sidekick for all your wanderlust-filled journeys!

Designed for the archer of the zodiac, this mug is as robust and adventurous as you are. Whether you’re galloping through the great outdoors or navigating the urban jungle, this stainless steel mug will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, come hell or high water. It’s your armour against the mundane, keeping your explorative spirit as fresh as your brew.

The leak-proof design means that even if you’re as clumsy as a centaur on a tightrope, your beverage won’t bail on you. Plus, the tall stature of this mug, complete with a lid, ensures that when you reach for the stars, your coffee reaches you.

And let’s not forget – it’s dishwasher safe. Because let’s be real, Sagittarius, you’ve got more thrilling things to do than washing up. With its sleek design and practical nature, it’s as ready for a spontaneous road trip as you are.

So saddle up, Sagittarius, with this mug in your quiver, you’re all set for your next big adventure. Because nothing says ‘Sagittarius’ quite like exploring the unknown with a hot (or cold) cuppa in hand​.

  • 180 mm (7.08in) tall including lid, 160 mm tall (6.29in) without lid
  • Bottom diameter of 61 mm (2.4in) and top diameter 84 mm (3.3in)

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