Pisces Wanderlust – 15oz (443ml) Stainless Steel Travel Mug for Astro Enthusiasts


Your astrological quest deserves the Pisces Wanderlust Travel Mug! At 443ml, it’s the perfect mate for your daily escapades. Keep your cosmic brew as warm as the Piscean spirit.

  • 180 mm (7.08in) tall including lid, 160 mm tall (6.29in) without lid
  • Bottom diameter of 61 mm (2.4in) and top diameter 84 mm (3.3in)
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Chart your celestial course with our Pisces Wanderlust 443ml Stainless Steel Travel Mug. A beacon for the nomadic Pisces, this mug is a steadfast ally on every escapade, whether you’re traversing bustling streets or untrodden trails.

Boasting robust stainless steel and a vacuum seal that keeps 443ml of your favourite beverage at just the right temperature, this travel mug mirrors the enduring and adaptive spirit of a true Pisces. The double-wall insulation ensures your drink stays hot (or cold) for hours, akin to the enduring warmth of Piscean friendship.

Envision the break of day, the cool air nipping at your fingers, clasped around your trusty mug. As the Pisces fish shimmer against the stainless surface, you’re reminded of the vast oceans of possibility that await. It’s not just a travel mug; it’s a vessel for your soul’s odyssey.

This travel mug’s leak-proof design is a testament to the Pisces’ seamless navigation through life’s ebb and flow, keeping your drink secure during the tumult of travel. Dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning, because a Pisces’ mind should be lost in thought, not lost in the kitchen.

Embark on your daily journey with the Pisces Wanderlust Travel Mug, and let the stars steer your course. Dive deep into your zodiac’s mysteries at Horoscope.com’s Pisces Section with your trusty mug in hand.

  • 180 mm (7.08in) tall including lid, 160 mm tall (6.29in) without lid
  • Bottom diameter of 61 mm (2.4in) and top diameter 84 mm (3.3in)

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