Once upon a time in a lush meadow blooming with daisies and the buzz of spring, there lived a cow named Hankaroo. Now, Hankaroo was no ordinary cow. He was a cow with a heart so big, it could hardly be contained within the bounds of his bovine ribs.

Valentine’s Day was around the corner, and Hankaroo had set his heart on making it the most memorable one yet for his pasture pals. He planned to express his affections in a way that only a cow of his charm and wit could muster.

Early in the morning, with the dew still fresh and the sun peeking over the hills, Hankaroo set out with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. He had managed to procure — through means he would take to his grave — a giant, heart-shaped balloon. It was as red as the apples that dangled from the orchard trees, and it bobbed in the air like a buoy in the ocean.

As he trotted through the field, the other animals couldn’t help but stop and stare. Daisy the duck quacked in disbelief, Peter the pig nearly choked on his breakfast, and Larry the lamb simply fainted, overcome by the sheer audacity of it all.

Hankaroo, however, had eyes only for one — Bella the cow. She was the belle of the barnyard, with spots so symmetrical they could’ve been painted by the hooves of angels. He approached Bella, his balloon sailing behind him like a crimson comet. With a flutter of his long eyelashes and a smile that could light up the darkest corner of the coop, he uttered the words that would echo through Valentine’s Day legend:

“I love you more than milk.”

The gasp that followed could have emptied the lungs of the entire meadow. Bella blushed a shade of pink that had roses hanging their heads in envy. She had heard many sweet nothings whispered in her ear, but nothing quite as original as Hankaroo’s profession of love.

The day turned into a celebration of Hankaroo’s grand gesture. The birds tweeted love songs, the crickets chirped in harmony, and even grumpy old Gerald the goat couldn’t help but let out a pleased “Maaah.”

As the sun set, painting the sky with strokes of pink and orange, Hankaroo and Bella strolled hoof-in-hoof, leaving behind hoofprints and a trail of chuckles. For in the field of love, Hankaroo had shown that sometimes, the way to a cow’s heart is through a mixture of bravery, balloons, and a splash of bovine humour.

And from that day on, every Valentine’s Day in the meadow was marked not by chocolates or roses, but by the retelling of the legend of Hankaroo, the cow who loved more than milk.