I'm not anti-social,
I'm just pro-dome." (Introverts unite!)

My therapist says I need more 'me time.' So I built a dome." (Don't judge, we've all been there.)

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"I'm not anti-social, I'm just pro-dome." (Introverts unite!)

In the picturesque town of Moo Meadows, where the grass was always greener and the skies impossibly blue, lived two unlikely friends – Joester the Bull and Hankaroo the Cow. Joester was as robust and rugged as they come, with horns that could pierce through the toughest of materials. Hankaroo, on the other hand, was gentle and graceful, with eyes as big as saucers.

One sunny afternoon, a peculiar thing happened. A giant transparent dome appeared out of nowhere, encapsulating their beloved town. Panic ensued among the townsfolk but not for Joester and Hankaroo.

Joester looked at Hankaroo; his eyes wide with excitement. “Think about it, Hank! We’ve got our very own snow globe village!” he chuckled.

Hankaroo wasn’t convinced. “But Joester…it’s not snowing!”

As if on cue, a funny mug appeared in mid-air with inscriptions that read ‘For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction…and sometimes a magical mug’.

Every time Joester or any townsfolk expressed a desire while holding this funny mug – poof! It came true inside their dome.

The townsfolk were initially wary but soon started enjoying this enchanted existence. They had snow in summer and sunshine in winter; flowers blooming amidst snowy landscapes – it was magical chaos!

Joester loved charging at full speed only to bounce back unharmed from the dome walls while Hankaroo enjoyed silent discos under starry nights where stars twinkled to rhythms of moo-sic!

One day Joester mused aloud holding that funny mug “I wish we knew why this is happening”. Suddenly words appeared on the dome wall “When unity is formed under diversity; magic happens”.

It dawned upon them – their unique yet united existence made Moo Meadows magical!

And so life under the dome became legendary; where every day was unpredictable yet beautiful because in Moo Meadows diversity didn’t just coexist but thrived making every moment magically alive! 🌟🐄🍵

Frequently Asked Questions

All the standard ceramic mugs are. The mugs that reveal the image when hot are not dishwasher safe.

All the standard ceramic mugs are. The mugs that reveal the image when hot are not dishwasher safe.

We do our best to add it to the product description if they are not or are. 

We do not have a lot of control over that, we do focus on Australian printed products. Where the printers source the products we do not know. 

Some products might not be available in Australia and are printed overseas but we do our best to only use Australian resources. 

NO, we only get a small percentage of the purchase, about 10 – 15%. We aim to keep the price as low as possible to make the merchandise affordable for all. 

We try to keep the shipping cost as low as possible, but we are depending on the printers when it comes to shipping cost. We cannot influence that. 

We just hope that everybody will buy some merchandise, lots of small sales instead of one big one. 

Basically to ensure safety of your data. We delete your orders and information every six months. We do not store payment details, other than the order number. 

Using shops like Redbubble does work to some extend, but after trying it for a while it does not seem to work for us. So we created our own. We do use print on demand services and have no stock, this reduces our wastage footprint. 

Basically for “shits and giggles”, it helps us to pay for the running cost and other expenses. A misconception is that we make money with the Dayboro Lions Business Directory and/or the Events Calendar. This is NOT true, all those services are paid for by us (RDS.ink and HELP4BIS.com). 

Dayboro.au fully relies on donations and sponsorship. No income is generated by the directory or events calendar.