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"I'm not moo-dy, I'm just complex."

Once upon a time, in the rolling hills of Cowlandia, two bovine best friends, Bessie and Moo-lissa, decided to break free from their mundane routine. They were tired of chewing grass all day and wanted a taste of the extraordinary.

One sunny afternoon, they set up a quaint tea party right in the middle of their pasture. Bessie, always the quirky one, brought out her prized possession: the “Funny Mug.” It was a mug adorned with a picture of a cow wearing oversized glasses and a bowtie – utterly ridiculous! Every time Moo-lissa looked at it, she would burst into laughter, milk squirting out of her nostrils.

As they sipped their tea from their “COW-MEDY” mugs, Bessie regaled Moo-lissa with tales of her adventures around the farm. She recounted the time she photobombed the farmer’s family portrait, disguised herself as a sheep during the annual wool-shearing contest, and even attempted a moonwalk in the mud.

Moo-lissa couldn’t contain her giggles. She snorted, spilling tea all over the newspaper spread out on the table. The chickens clucked in approval, and the sheep bleated their applause. Even Old Farmer Brown peeked over the fence, wondering what all the commotion was about.

From that day forward, every animal on the farm wanted to join Bessie and Moo-lissa’s tea parties. They all crammed around the tiny wooden table, each holding their own “Funny Mug.” The pigs snorted, the ducks quacked, and the goats tried to balance their mugs on their horns.

And so, in the heart of Cowlandia, laughter echoed across the pasture, fueled by Bessie’s Funny Mug. It became a symbol of joy, a beacon of silliness, and a reminder that sometimes, all you need is a good laugh and a mug full of cow-themed humor. 🐄☕️😄

And that, my friends, is how the legend of the “Funny Mug” spread far and wide, making cows the happiest creatures in the entire barnyard. 🌟🐮🌟

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the standard ceramic mugs are. The mugs that reveal the image when hot are not dishwasher safe.

All the standard ceramic mugs are. The mugs that reveal the image when hot are not dishwasher safe.

We do our best to add it to the product description if they are not or are. 

We do not have a lot of control over that, we do focus on Australian printed products. Where the printers source the products we do not know. 

Some products might not be available in Australia and are printed overseas but we do our best to only use Australian resources. 

NO, we only get a small percentage of the purchase, about 10 – 15%. We aim to keep the price as low as possible to make the merchandise affordable for all. 

We try to keep the shipping cost as low as possible, but we are depending on the printers when it comes to shipping cost. We cannot influence that. 

We just hope that everybody will buy some merchandise, lots of small sales instead of one big one. 

Basically to ensure safety of your data. We delete your orders and information every six months. We do not store payment details, other than the order number. 

Using shops like Redbubble does work to some extend, but after trying it for a while it does not seem to work for us. So we created our own. We do use print on demand services and have no stock, this reduces our wastage footprint. 

Basically for “shits and giggles”, it helps us to pay for the running cost and other expenses. A misconception is that we make money with the Dayboro Lions Business Directory and/or the Events Calendar. This is NOT true, all those services are paid for by us ( and fully relies on donations and sponsorship. No income is generated by the directory or events calendar.