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Self sufficient is behind everything we do.

We bring a new approach to self sufficient starting with education, finding your tribe, promotion, backyard growing, farming and trade.


Work in progress...
Edible Exchange is working; Seed Exchange is live, Buy Sell & Swap is expanding, Growers Network is life, Husbandry posts are open for submission, food foraging is life, Join Local is life


About 061.- Self sufficient

We Aim To Provide The Tools.

Becoming self-sufficient is easier said than done. It depends on your skills, location and your network. This is where we are trying to provide you with the tools. It will be a project that constantly evolves, and changes as restrictions are placed upon us by those in Government.

A tool is as good as the person using it, we understand that, and we will try to accommodate any changes or ideas you have. For now, we start-off with a directory listing, classifieds and education where teachers can build and sell their courses.

Building blocks of

061 - self sufficient

Build online communities to connect off-line, 061 - Self Sufficient is the digital town square.

Dr. H (Doc)